How to Vote in the Golden Joystick

To add your vote, go to the voting website.


For the chance to vote, you must register on the website. To do this, click on ‘Join now!’ at the top of the page:

In the pop-up window, follow the steps below (all input should be in Roman script):

  1. Enter your username
  2. Enter your current e-mail address, to which the activation letter will be sent.
  3. Enter the date, month and year of your birth.
  4. The next three checkboxes are agreements to receive marketing e-mails and news updates from the CVG (hosts of Golden Joystick Awards). If you don’t want to receive these, just un-check these boxes.
  5. Choose and enter a password for your account on this website.
  6. Re-enter the password.
  7. Pass the ‘Captcha’ check by entering the specific symbols shown on the picture
  8. Click the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ button.


You will receive an e-mail with activation link on the e-mail address you used during registration. Click on it and click ‘VERIFY MY ACCOUNT’ button in the newly opened window:

After successful end of registration you will notice window similar to one shown below. Now you can participate in the voting itself. To do so click on ‘GOLDEN JOYSTICKS’ link in the top of the page:

Select ‘Best Online Game’ in the list of categories:

Select World of Tanks from the list:

Click ‘SELECT’ button:

Confirm your choice by clicking ‘SUBMIT YOUR VOTES’:

In the new window choose your country from the list and click ‘SUBMIT YOUR VOTES’:

After that you will see a message that your vote was counted:

Thank you for choosing World of Tanks!