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Here you can find a list of players in our community who go the extra mile in order to help other players. These players are known for their helpful advice on the forums, their excellent video guides and interactive livestreams!



 Hi ho! My name is Michael (known in-game as Ding760), I'm a Chinese undergraduate student studying in Europe. Although I consider myself more of an international citizen rather than a citizen of any particular country.

My area of expertise revolves around business management, I also have a good understanding of European law to supplement this knowledge. You'd never guess I was into games from this description! My hobbies include reading, movies, badminton, bowling and of course, computer games, hence that's why I'm having a go at World of Tanks right now. Sometimes I get the urge to put some practical meaning into what I study while I'm online, so whenever I get this urge, I craft theories and ideas which can better improve any community or organization I'm in, just like improving efficiency in business! If the idea seems feasible, contributory and potentially successful, I will act on it!

Speaking of contributions, one such idea which I fostered and acted upon in World of Tanks is the creation of the first ever clan in World of Tanks which focuses exclusively on training new players or improving existing players in the game. The clan is the Specialist Global Tank Academy [SGTA] and thus far it is quite effective and successful, with a great amount of people leaving the clan going on to be headhunted by clans participating in Clan Wars.

In addition to the academy, I also host contests on the EU forums which any player is free to participate in. Usually there is one or multiple gold prizes to the winner(s). These contests may involve some action in the game or it may involve some creative writing on the forums. Either way, the contest should always be fun to participate in and tries to bring the community closer together!



 Hi there, The Mighty Jingles here.  Aside from being an evil gnome genius, rockstar, brain surgeon, horse thief and noob gamer extraordinaire, I'm most well-known for my YouTube channel presenting World of Tanks tips, tricks, gameplay, reviews, competitions and compilations of (hopefully) hilarious Epic Win and Epic Fail videos.  Be warned, not all of my videos are safe for work, although Angry Jingles seems to have as many fans as Happy Jingles.  I cover a selection of games but World of Tanks has by far the most content on my channel.

I started recording my games purely as a way of saving good replays, but inspired by other YouTubers such as Quickybaby, Pandy and Highflyer15 I soon started adding commentary and, well...  things took off from there.  I update the channel with a new video every day, and have no shortage of content waiting to be uploaded.  I can see myself doing this for a long time to come.

Before I became an evil genius I served in The Royal Navy for 22 years, being paid a comfortable wage to get drunk in ports all over the world.  Currently retired and abusing my Navy Pension, I have nothing better to do all day than play games and upload the results to YouTube.

It's a hard life, but I do it so you don't have to :D

KV-2 Double Action - The King of Derp.

The Joy of Derp 2

Object 704 Mastery, We Meet At Last.



 Over the years I've been involved with the Flames of war community, and the Steel Panthers: MBT and World At War communities. When I was 16 I spent a year as a volunteer for a local museum working with their collection of armour. I had to stop for school work though, and never got the opportunity to take up that again, due to working shift pattens.

The next big thing was starting, and keeping updated, the Pull up a chair thread. Detailing all the information about British tanks and their development we could find. The thread was started long before the British tree actually showed up, back in the Overlord days of the forum. Since then its grown into its own little community with several regular posters, lots of ideas on how the Tech tree could evolve and general conversations about British Tanks.

Due to my large amounts of down time, to date I've written 6 articles for World of Tanks website. Mostly looking at the sometimes strange, British tanks. At time of writing two of the articles have been published on the portal.

On the forums:

You can find all of my articles that I've written on my Facebook:


 Hey guys I'm QuickyBaby an avid World of Tanks player whose goal is to keep you entertained and updated about everything World of Tanks related!

I'm a top rated player (3000+ WN8) who has unlocked nearly every tank in the game and am very experienced with Clan Wars and Tank Companies.

I have been LiveStreaming ( for two years and get 4,000+ concurrent viewers throughout my 5 hour show three times a week. You can come see all the drama happen live as it happens, have a few laughs or pick up some tips.

I have a YouTube channel ( with nearly 100,000 subs that I release funny, educational and gob-smacking videos on daily.

I endorse the QSF community forums ( which has thousands of registered members. Here tankers can come meet each other, join one of many clans depending on their experience, play tank companies that I lead (Live on my stream show) weekly and ask questions which I answer specifically.

I'm so grateful to have my awesome community and spend a large amount of my day interacting with as many of you as I can.

Thank you :)


World of Tanks || T95 MEGA SCOUT

INSANE RNG || World of Tanks

World of Tanks || E-75, 12 kills, 2750+ EXP

World of Tanks || 8.11 Tank Destroyer Changes



 Hello, the name's Christian Riising(or better known as HighFlyer15 or TheRiisingSun)

I'm a 28 year old dude from Denmark.

Currently working from home. Video editing as a profession and working on moving to Sweden.
I found refuge in making videos by myself, basketball music videos and other game videos, like Supreme Commander.
Through these years I've developed some great skills in Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Video.

I've played WoT since the early Closed Beta, but it was not until about 2 years ago I got fed up with scouts suiciding and decided to put together a video, just for fun, with tips and an amusing theme song to go with it, to catch the attention of the viewers.

Been invited to Cologne for Gamescom 2012 and 2013 with Wargaming, which was an amazing experience! Thank you, WG! :)

Other than my Youtube work on World of Tanks, I've casted several of the official livestreams for Wargaming together with Dorjan24 and the most recent stream we casted was the official Golden League, the Russian league, where we were the only English speaking casters. Casting the Finals in Ukraine was amazing.

Weekly Platoon and Company livestreams with the viewers Wednesday and Sunday. Always having a good time.

I love the fact that WG has decided to put some effort into the fellows that are contributing to the World of Tanks scene and making it more entertaining, there's something for everyone here and we have a great bunch of guys!

Efficiency is never really on my mind, but I'm constantly swimming around the 1820s, but I'm having too much fun in mid to low tiers to let efficiency bother me.

Top 5 Best Quickies of the Week | Week 4

Situational Awareness #6 - Location, Location, Location

Tuesday Map Tactics #7 | Komarin

World of Tanks | This is the M3 Lee

You can catch me on:
Facebook -
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 Hey there! Circonflexes here:

I'm a 23 year old Dutch guy that has been livestreaming for 6 months now and it is going quite well!
Getting about 250-550 average viewers and am about to reach the 3000 twitch follower mark. I also regularly upload my livestream highlights on my youtube channel!
I've put my second study (advertising) on hold after 2 years (already finished one study in graphic design) to pursue my dream of having a healthy and popular livestream. So if i dont sleep or work par time in the local cinema, i livestream!

This means that i am almost always livestream every day for sessions that last anywhere from 8 to 11 hours straight! The community around the channel is quite friendly and the most dedicated viewers are also in my own clan [CIRC].
The stream is like the ''topgear'' of world of tanks, quite a lot of humour and still informative!

I would also like to thank Wargaming for starting the Community Contributor program, it's definitely a way forward and proud to be apart of it!

You can find me on:
and Twitch!: 



 Hi there everyone! 

My name is Danny AKA Merlanthous, I'm 32yrs old and have served within the British Armed Forces for 6yrs, I'm now semi retired and dedicated my time  to my family. I have a degree in Art and Graphic design and have gone on to further my education using my enhanced learning credits.

I have been playing video games as far back as the old Atari and continue strong until this day.

Since discovering I have been streaming various games on my channel and love streaming WOT. My usual stream schedule is Mon-Sun starting around 8pm GMT time and the stream usually goes on for 8hrs. The channel is growing everyday with some fantastic people and the support is amazing.

I also would like to say a big thank you to Wargaming for the opportunity as Community Contributor. 

You can follow me at:

Thank you for everyone who has joined and continue to watch the stream regularly, you guys are the best! 



 Wotcha chaps

My names Ed aka an unimaginative edfrancis001 

My background is very varied, from being in the Army, to being homeless for for three years. i progressed from that via UNI to being a Tank driver for a leisure company before working for the police for 5 years and now work for the NHS.

I played WOT since April last year, and started to take an interest in the forums a short while later. i  tend to dig out the more unusual vehicles and esoteric oddities to write about with about 125 vehicles and subjects covered to date. many of which have turned up in the game later on much to my joy. I try to write fairly in depth articles covering the history of tanks and turn my hand to a spot of creative writing when it suits, often checking with various other members such as Listy to make sure what i write is as accurate as it can be. I have in the past been known to hold mini competitions offering gold and such, but have just now started expanding that further and getting Museums such as Bovington and help from sources within the MOD to help out as well. with the aim to progress further from there should it be successful. 

Hobbies wise (it does vary from WOT!) i help support youth movements and homeless people to get a better way of life, but when im not doing that i can be often found in a good pub, with a real ale in hand discussing various historical subjects.or planning my ongoing battle to save the other remaining tortoise tank in scotland and have it restored to a static display one, a mission that has taken over 2 years so far.