Here is the secret to rapidly improving your skills: learn from advanced players live on the battlefield.

There are a lot of great tutorials and game guides out there but the only way to really improve is to put theory into practice on the battlefield. And as everybody knows – learning in a team is more fun!

We have an option for those of you who play solo most of the time but are eager to learn and progress faster: join a clan.

While fighting together with you in a platoon or team battles, your clanmates will teach you about weak-spots, tactics and in-game mechanics. 


What Is A Clan?

A clan is a group of players sharing similar interests and preferences to you. There are twenty thousand active World of Tanks clans with different interests, be it playing casually and socialising in platoons or taking a more ambitious approach and actively participating in Clan Wars.


How Do I Find A Clan?

Jump to our Recruiting Station and set your interests and preferences in your Personal File, then browse the list of clans recruiting new members.




Exclusive Bonuses For Clans – Strongholds Game Mode

Strongholds is a new game mode designed for clan members. Clans will hold their own property consisting of a virtual military base, zones surrounding it and auxiliary buildings from which they can receive various bonuses called “Orders”. Orders include increased earnings of XP, Free XP and credits in all game modes, including Random Battles.


Learn More about Strongholds