Start Your World of Tanks Journey


Congratulations, you've completed Boot Camp. But this great training is only the beginning of your World of Tanks journey. Now it's time to put everything you've learnt into practice!


  1. Road to Glory
  2. Pro-Tips
  3. A World of Specials

1. Road to Glory & The Briefing

You now have access to a series of chained missions! "Road to Glory" and "The Briefing" form a great way to remember every tactic and tip taught by the Boot Camp. But it's also a great occasion to fill your garage with another vehicle! You might have started this series of challenges already, but don't forget: a great Tier VI tank awaits you at the end of this adventure!

And if you need help choosing it, here is our list of "new player-friendly" vehicles:

2. Pro-Tips

Remember: your World of Tanks experience is just getting started. You'll fight dozens of battles along the way, and whatever the tier, the playstyle and the experience, here are some helpful tips you should always have in mind: 

  • Fight prepared: before any battle, make sure that you've packed the right ammo! More importantly, check your consumables. You can replenish them both without thinking about it by ticking the "Resupply Automatically" button!
  • Watch your map: like any tactical shooter, World of Tanks offers you a mini-map, and the best commanders usually keep at least one eye on it. By the way, you can enlarge it with the "+" key!
  • Team-up: a great platoon usually makes for more team play. You can either invite your friends from your garage or create a dynamic platoon directly in-game by holding the "CTRL" key to invite your teammates. And don't forget: in a platoon, you receive a 10% XP bonus!
  • Learn more: you already know a lot on tank warfare thanks to our Boot Camp, but you could always learn even more with our Forums or our official Wiki, managed by the best tankers out there!


A World of Specials

Every good commander needs a proper goal to stay sharp, right? Don't worry, after completing the Boot Camp and our "Road to Glory" missions, you'll still have plenty of challenges to complete! 

  • Specials: every week, our teams work hard to design some thematic or engaging and always rewarding events, where you can win a large range of various items!
  • Marathons/Challenges: once a season, you'll have a chance to fight for a new Premium vehicle through a series of chained missions!
  • Campaigns: if you're still eager to fight for a cause and more vehicles in your garage, enlist in one or more of these long-run challenges that allow you to unlock unusual and rare tanks!


Important Note: the button above will only work on PC.


Your journey has only started. Best of luck to you, Commander. See you on the field, and roll out!