Clan Wars Armageddon

Rules and Regulations

1. General Regulations of the "Armageddon" event

1.1 The "Armageddon" event will be held from June 10 11:00 CEST (UTC+2) until June 20, 11:00 CEST (UTC+2) on a special event map, which works in parallel with the Global map with standard rules.

All clans can take part in the event - including already existing clans and ones created after the event began. 

1.2   Below you can find key features of the game event and its respective rules:

  • All event battles will be fought only with Tier VIII vehicles.
  • Revolts are off.
  • New landing provinces will be added.
  • The number of participants in landing tournaments is increased to 128 (except during the "world redivision" period).
  • Vehicle freezing is disabled.
  • A possibility to move chips into reserve without penalty.
  • The opportunity to participate in landing tournaments even if you have provinces on the Global Map.

1.3   On first day of the event on 10 June at 11:00 CEST, the Redivision mode will be enabled on the event map.

  • All Provinces will be available for landing.
  • Espionage and Counterespionage will be turned on.
  • The maximum number of applications participating in landings during World Redivision is 32.
  • If, during a landing tournament, the battle against the Province owner ends as a draw, the Province goes to the challenging clan.

1.4   World Redivision ends on June 11 at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2). After that the “Armageddon” event rules come into force:

  • If during landing tournament a battle with province owner ends as a draw, the province remain in the possession of the defending clan.

1.5   Province gold income from two maps will be merged into one fund and distributed among the provinces as follows:

  • Main Global Map provinces income will be reduced to a minimum:

1)      Landing provinces - 48

2)      Common provinces - 72

3)      Provinces with high income – 480

  • The Income of all the provinces of the Armageddon event Map will be increased to 960
2. Special Rules

The Armageddon event will take place on the basis of progressive quests, with each clan handled individually:

  • Land on the map and capture a Control Center to get information about the next quest.
  • Capture the province to obtain the aircraft "Belluzzo wheel".
  • Capture the next province with the Launching pad. From this province a clan can move to a landing province in a secret region - New Swabia.
  • After winning a landing tournament in New Swabia, a clan has to capture a Foothold to develop its offensive.
  • Capture a province with a Reactor to later supply a Spaceport.
  • Capture a province with a Spaceport to travel to the new Global map.
  • Hold a Spaceport and capture the other Reactors to increase your success rating.

2.1 Armageddon Event Map

2.1.1 When the map is open, the clan will be asked to select a prime-time, when it will operate. Only the Commander and his Deputy are allowed to choose the reference prime-time and only at the beginning of the first quest. At the same time, clans will be able to carry out their activity on the Global map without accepting any of game quests. During the event, a clan can start a quest at any time.

Once the reference prime-time is chosen, a landing province will be assigned to the clan at random. This province will be the first step in the quest, and it is there where the Control Center will be located.

Once the reference prime-time is confirmed by the responsible clan person, the clan is considered as having started the quest.

Important: The same province can be a starting quest province for several clans. Thus, each of them will receive their individual tasks.

If during World Redivision a clan applied for a landing tournament but didn’t make it within the applicant’s number limit, a new task will be automatically assigned for another landing province for the clan, within the scope of their selected primetime. After that, if a clan has been in the landing tournament, but did not get into the applicant queue, its chips will be transferred to the next landing tournament on that province.

If during one turn a starting province has more applications than remaining free spaces to participate in the closest landing tournament, a priority for tournament will have those clans, for which this province is a starting province in the scope of a quest.

The first stage is considered completed when a clan wins a landing tournament and establishes its Headquarter on the landing province. To complete the task, a clan has 36 turns after getting a task.

The first stage is considered as failed when:

  • A clan has not submitted any applications for a landing tournament.
  • A clan did not get into the landing tournament queue.
  • A clan lost in a landing tournament.

If a clan fails the first stage, it will be given a new task for the first stage right after one of the aforementioned points occurs.

2.1.8 If a clan succeed in the first quest (land on the Map, capture a Control center and establish Headquarters), the clan gets the next quest – capture a province on which a Belluzzo wheel can be obtained. This province will be selected randomly from the provinces bordering with the province with the Control center. The target province for this quest may be assigned within +/- 1 hour difference from the reference prime-time. If the target province is a landing province as well, a clan must submit an application to participate in a landing tournament and win it to capture the province. The province will be considered as captured after the clan puts the Headquarters on it. To perform this task a clan will have a limit of 36 turns.

2.1.9 As soon as a clan moves HQ from the province with Control Center to the province with a Belluzzo wheel, the next quest province will be opened: Launching pad. It will border with the province where the Belluzzo wheel is located and it will be selected randomly. The Clan needs to capture the Launching pad and move its HQ there. The target province for this quest may be assigned within +/- 1 hour difference from the reference prime-time. If the target province is a landing province as well, the clan must submit an application to participate in the landing tournament and win it to capture the province. The province will be considered as captured once the clan moves their HQ onto it. To perform this task a clan will have a limit of 36 turns from the moment of accepting the task.

2.1.10 Capturing a Launching pad provides the opportunity to move to the special event area - New Swabia. To move to New Swabia a clan must have not less than 15 chips.

2.1.11 The quest will be considered as failed if the clan’s Headquarters is lost and will go to the reserve at any of the stages. In this case, the clan will get a new task of the first stage even if this clan already owns provinces on the map.

2.1.12 If a clan runs out of time and does not move Headquarters to the captured quest province, a new similar task will be given – a new province will be randomly selected, bordering with the province where the Headquarters of the clan is situated. The task progress is then resumed from the point at which it was stopped.

2.2 New Swabia

2.2.1 New Swabia is a special event location, where clans will be able to start working towards completing the main goal of the event. The only way to get to New Swabia is through a Bridgehead, which becomes available only after the Launching pad is captured.

2.2.2 A clan which captured the Launch pad will be automatically removed from the Map at a fixed time – 11:00 CEST (UTC+2). All of clan’s chips and the Headquarters will be sent to reserve and will remain active. After that, the clan will be automatically directed to a landing tournament on the Bridgehead - a province that is located on the perimeter of a Secret complex, which consists of Reactors and a Spaceport. A Clan scores Fame Points only for the first time they capture a Bridgehead when landing in New Swabia.

2.2.3 If the clan has been defeated during the bridgehead tournament stage, or was knocked from the provinces of New Swabia, the clan will be automatically directed to a landing on the bridgehead. The number of attempts is unlimited. In case of a draw in battle with owner, the province will go to the attacking clan.

2.2.4 After capturing a Bridgehead, a winner will have the possibility to attack a Reactor – a part of secret complex, which provides clan Fame Points for its capture.

2.2.5 The main goal of the event is to capture a Spaceport, which is surrounded by the Reactor provinces. When owning a Spaceport, the clans are able to capture the other Reactors and get Fame points with increased coefficient of x4. The spaceport alone will not provide extra Fame points.

Important: Recapturing the Reactor doesn’t bring Fame Points to the clan. This means that FPs are given only once per different reactor captures

2.3 Additional missions

Clan Fame Points can be earned not only by fulfillment of its quest tasks, but also by creating obstacles for competitors.

The following additional missions will be available for completion:

  • "Search and Destroy" – send the Headquarters of a rival clan on their second or third quest from the Map to the reserve. In such an event, the winning clan will receive extra Fame points to the treasury.
  • "The Guardian" – defend the province from attacks of a rival clan for whom this province is their target.

Check out the following infographics for more info:

Important: "Rigged" battles are in violation of the regulations and will be punished by a complete Fame points wipe or blocking the offender’s game account.

In case of a dispute about the scoring of Fame points (suspected "Rigged" battles etc.) the administration of the game has the right to request a battle replay, screenshots and other information related to this situation. If the requested information is not provided, the decision will be made at the discretion of the administration. We strongly recommend all participants to turn on the replay recording option in game settings for the duration of the event.