Ural Steel 2012

Ural Steel is taking over the world!

Welcome tournament fans!

Ural steel 2012 is going global this summer. 4 teams from Europe will win a trip to Moscow, Russia (Costs all paid for) for the Grand Final, these teams will then fight it out in a 5000 person capacity venue for the title of Ural Steel Champion and a share of the $77.000 prize pool!

So what are you waiting for!

Roll Out!

To keep in line with the RU region and to justly support this huge event we have also added gold prizes for the top 16 teams:

  •     5-8 place - 125000 gold per team   
  •     9-16 place - 75000 gold per team


  • All teams captains must keep up to date on the forums here
  • Team size - 7 players + 3 Substituts. Team must be fully registered and accepted before playing (A reserve player may replace a primary player at any time)
  • Maximum Tier 8 vehicles, no specific vehicle limitation
  • Total tier points for a team must not exceed 42 points, if any team member is missing, these total tier points are reduced by 1 per missing player
  • UPDATED: Each player can only play for one team in the tournament, this includes different regions qualifiers.
  • Each battle lasts for 10 minutes
  • Games are Best of 5, however first team to 2 wins is the victor. (this allows for a few draw games)
  • Team and player names must not violate the wargaming.net naming rules; any team violating these rules will be disqualified or just not approved
  • Wargaming.net staff or affiliates are prohibited from playing.
  • Use of premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed
  • To win a game, the team will need to destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the enemy base
  • If a match ends in a draw, both teams will be disqualified for passive play. This rule is in effect ultil the finals.
  • Starting spawn points for all games will be automatically allocated by the system
  • Games cannot be replayed unless an issue with the set up causes a problem. Unfortunately we will be unable to restart games due to disconnections or PC crashes


1. Ensk

2. Himmelsdorf

3. Ruinberg

4. Steppes

5. Prokhorovka

6. Lakeville



  • Official casters will be stated before any tournament starts on the forum by BUMP, if an official caster requests entrance to a game then they must be invited
  • Please be aware that these rules may change slightly as these are the first of the new tournaments.

How to get to the game!

Teams are automatically invited into games beginning 18:15 onwards, there is a great guide to this here:


Looking for team members? check here:


Participating Teams