New Feature - Clan Rating


A new feature has been launched to measure the battle effectivity of clans - a feature that many of you have been eagerly waiting for!

You can now measure your own and your opponent’s in-game successes based on several parameters simultaneously: average personal rating among all players, average amount of battles clan members have played, the overall amount of Tier X vehicles in a clan and by Clan Wars rating. Besides this, you can also opt to track the changes of a clan over a certain period of time, based on these parameters.


Please note: only clans with 15 or more members will be eligible to receive a rating.

Parameters that influence a Clan’s rating:
  1. Amount of players in the Clan.
  2. Average amount of battles clan members play per 24 hours.
  3. Sum of all Tier X vehicles, please note that each Tier X vehicle in your clan must have been in at least one battle to count.
  4. Clan effectivity on the Clan Wars map (estimates by the Elo rating system*).
  5. Clan effectivity in Campaigns on Clan Wars map (estimates by the Elo rating system*).
  6. Average personal rating of all clan members.

The ELO rating system is named after Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-born American physics professor. The system works based on a numerical rating given to players. The difference between players’ rating points should be a predictor of the outcome of a match. When you beat a competitor, your rating is supplemented with a share of their points and vice versa. It is a useful method allowing for an accurate prediction of which competitor will be stronger in which setting. For us, this could mean predicting which clan is stronger on which map and so on.


How to improve your clan’s rating

There are several ways to achieve a higher rating. First of all, you should recruit more tankers into your clan. Each clan member should play actively in any battle type, be an active participant on the Clan Wars map and, in standard battles and companies, try to win as much as possible! You should also fight your way up to Tier X vehicles and, finally, the better your individual skills are, the higher your clan’s rating will be.

Become familiar with the Elo rating system (explained above) which we use to define effectivity on the Clan Wars map. In practice, this scientific method allows us to calculate a more accurate picture of which clans on the Map are stronger.


Prove your domination!


WARNING: Only battles that were played from 22 May onwards are factored into the calculation and display on portal.

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