WGLEU Week 4 Livestream

It's the fourth week of action and it looks like things are really heating up!

WGLEU Gold Series Highlights – Week 3

Catch up on the happenings of last week, watch the video recaps!

gamescom 2016: Thank You!

gamescom 2016 is officially over, but these moments will stay with us forever. We hope to see you next year!

Video: What Is a Tank

Tanks have been with us for a full century now. Learn more about these great machines and what makes them what they are!

gamescom 2016: Summary

gamescom this year was ripe with juicy information about the future of World of Tanks - here's a handy summary of what was announced.

Clan Wars: Birth Of Titans - Rules and Regulations important

Rules and regulations for the upcoming Clan Wars event are now available!

Introducing the Tournament Missions

Add some extra flavour to your weekly tournament ice cream, as well as a little cherry on the top!

Special: 100 Years of Tanks - Mission 2 important

The second round of celebratory missions is up - good hunting!

Select Payment Type Benefits for EU Region!

Get more gold when purchasing with select payment methods in the EU Region!

gamescom 2016: The Player's Perspective

We caught up with our passionate audience to ask them about their feelings and thoughts on the games at the show.