Top of the Tree: TVP T 50/51

The highlight of the special for May will be the new nation of Czechoslovakia, with the TVP T 50/51 medium tank!

Premium Shop: Offers for May 2016 important

Check out which special offers will be available for the whole month!

Premium Shop: Light Mk.VIC important

Expand your tank collection with the British light tank legend!

Weekend Special important

Check out what missions and bonuses will be available this weekend!

Wargaming At Firstlook Battlecon in Rotterdam

The MGT-20 gaming truck is rolling into Rotterdam to attend Firstlook Battlecon in May!

Premium Shop: AMX 13 57 GF important

The Grand Finals may be over but definitely not forgotten, especially if one has an outstanding memento!

Hungarian World of Tanks League

The first offline 3v3 tournament organised by the Hungarian League is coming soon.

Public Test of Version 9.15

Thank you for participating in the Public Test of the upcoming update.

Version 9.15: Display of Technical Characteristics

The visual representation of vehicles' technical characteristics in the garage will be revamped with the upcoming update for your convenience.

5th Anniversary creative contest – 5 years of World of Tanks

Take part in our 5th year Anniversary creative contest for a chance to win some awesome prizes!