What is happening in-game on the battlefields right now? What bonuses can I expect and when?

Weekly Missions: Boot Camp Challenge important

Time to revise the basics: teamwork and individual combat. Are you up to the challenge?

Special: Version 9.12 Release important

A new version of the game hits the servers! Time for a little celebration!

Top of the Tree: Conqueror Gun Carriage

Check out the newest edition of the special! This time the British top tier SPGs will show you what a big bang really is!

Special: Armistice Day

Commemorate the end of World of War I in Europe, and join us in-game for a dedicated special!

Weekend Special

Check out what missions and bonuses will be available this weekend!

Top of the Tree: T110E5

Check out the newest edition of this special! This time, it’s the sturdy American heavy tanks!

Special: Halloween and the Final Link

Time to play some tricks on your fellow tankers and enjoy the treats for completing the final mission in the chain special!

Weekly Mission: Earn Your Gold

We’ve got a nice treat to sweeten up your October! Interested in getting some free gold?

Chain Special: The Fourth Link

Earn the fourth and possibly your final Token, and prepare to grab some Gold and Premium Account time!

Chain Special: Continental Rumble (a.k.a. The Third Link)

Are you ready to reach for the third link in the chain special?