What is happening in-game on the battlefields right now? What bonuses can I expect and when?

Special: End of World War II important

Gain more XP and Free XP by participating in this special that commemorates the end of one of the most dreadful events in history of mankind.

Special: Battle of Kursk – Last Shots Fired

23 August 1943 was the day the biggest, most brutal tank battle recorded in history ended. Commemorate it this weekend in World of Tanks!

World of Tanks: Five Years of Development

The game has been with us for a full five years! This calls for a celebration and a big special!

Special: Wargaming’s 17th Anniversary

Wargaming marks another year in the industry. Join the celebrations and enjoy a great in-game event!

Special: The Agony of Choice

Join us this weekend and use this opportunity to take one of two Premium tanks for a test drive: AMX CDC or Jagdtiger 8,8 cm Pak 43!

Weekend Special

Check out which discounts and bonuses will be available to you during the upcoming weekend!

Top of the Tree: AMX 50 B

Enjoy the new edition of the special - this time the focus is on the French heavy tanks!

Special: More Free Experience for Everyone!

Join us this weekend and obtain the means to boost your Free XP acquisition in battle!

Special: Battle of Kursk

Commemorate one of the biggest, most important tank battles in history with this weekend special!

Event: Free XP to Crew XP Conversion important

Got excess Free XP and don’t know what to do with it? Use it to boost your crews’ proficiency! Your tanks are only as good as their crews after all!