Stronghold. Virtual clan base in the game client. Created by a clan. Consists of Command Center and Zones. New game mode for clans.

Command Center. Main Structure of a Stronghold. Appears upon creation of a Stronghold. Cannot be destroyed, but can be plundered. Can convert Industrial Resource into credits.

Industrial Resource. Resource used for constructing/upgrading Structures and producing combat and non-combat Reserves.

Zone. Zone from which the clan can be attacked. Consists of two Construction Sites or Structures. Structures are contested during attack on a Stronghold. If one Structure is plundered, the clans fight for the next one.

Construction Site. Entity in a Zone, allowing the clan to build a Structure in that Zone. Cannot be contested.

Structure. Object built on a Construction Site in a Zone. Produces a certain Reserve. Has several levels. Has durability denominated in Industial Resource.

Transportation. Process of transferring Industrial Resource from one Structure to another.

Skirmish. Battle mode available upon creation of a Stronghold. Battle between two detachments from different clans for Industrial Resource.

Curfew. Period of time when clans cannot engage in Skirmishes.

Battle for Stronghold. Battle mode where you attack Strongholds of other clans and defend your own Stronghold.

Reserves. Abstract designation of combat and non-combat supplies of a clan's Stronghold.

Non-combat Reserves. Consumables created and activated by authorized clan members to provide a temporary economic bonus. Kept in storage.

Combat Reserves. Consumables that a battle room commander can use in a battle for Stronghold. Provide tactical advantages in battles.