This FAQ page is designed to clarify issues about Strongholds mode. We suggest you check this page for answers to questions you might have.

General Questions about the Mode

Stronghold Structure and Development

Industrial Resource



Defense Settings and Battle Schedule

Course of Battle for Stronghold

General Questions about the Mode

What are Strongholds?

Strongholds is a game mode for clan players. It is available in the game client and is part of Clan Wars, but has nothing to do with Campaigns on the Global Map. A Stronghold is the property of a clan and consists of a virtual military base, Zones leading to it, and additional structures. A clan Commander can create a Stronghold for free at any time.

How are Strongholds represented in the game?

A Stronghold is a virtual clan base in the game client. To develop its Stronghold, a clan can build structures that grant access to various economic bonuses (Reserves). Bonuses can be activated for a certain period of time. For example, players can gain a bonus to credits or crew experience earned after any battle. The choice of bonuses depends on how the clan decides to develop its Stronghold. This mode is still being developed; new features will be added in the near future. For instance, unique options for battles will be introduced, such as air reconnaissance, minefields, and many others.

Why should I build a Stronghold?

The main reasons are the bonuses, which are called Reserves. Every clan member will benefit from Reserves in all types of battles: Random Battles, Team Battles, and battles on the Global Map. Reserves have various effects, such as additional Combat Experience, credits, and crew experience. 

Strongholds mode enables players to receive bonuses similar to those obtained via a Premium account, without spending real money.

How is Strongholds mode different from the Global Map?

The number of provinces on the Global Map is finite. By contrast, any clan can create its own Stronghold and receive bonuses from it.

When playing on the Global Map, you must keep to the battle schedule. In contrast, in Strongholds mode, you can fight a battle for Industrial Resource any time you have the team ready. 

To land on the Global Map, clans have to win a landing tournament, which can be hard for weaker clans to accomplish. When engaging in battles in Strongholds mode, you will get Industrial Resource regardless of the battle outcome and will be able to spend it on developing your Stronghold or preparing Reserves.

If I play on the Global Map, can I play in Strongholds mode?

If you play on the Global Map, you are free to fight for Industrial Resource for your Stronghold between battles on the Global Map.

Intervals between battles on the Global Map are often long. By fighting in Strongholds mode during this downtime, you can increase your battle count and get more bonuses. 

Not every member of a clan can get into battles on the Global Map. Players who do not make it into battles on the Global Map can engage in Skirmishes and earn Industrial Resource for the entire clan.

What time is used in Strongholds mode?

The local time of your computer is used in the Strongholds mode interface.

Stronghold Structure and Development

What comprises a Stronghold?

Main terms of Strongholds mode:

  • The Command Center is the main structure of your Stronghold. The level of the Command Center determines the level of the Stronghold, the maximum level of the structures within it, its storage capacity, as well as the amount of Industrial Resource that can be transported and its transportation time.
  • Industrial Resource is the main resource in Strongholds mode. It is earned in battles and used to build and upgrade structures, as well as to prepare Reserves.
  • Zones can be opened by the clan Commander and Executive Officer. Each Zone contains two construction sites where structures can be built. During a battle for Stronghold, clans attack and defend specific Zones and fight for structures within these Zones.
  • Construction sites are empty locations where structures can be built.
  • Structures are facilities that can be built at unoccupied construction sites to prepare various Reserves. The effectiveness of the Reserves depends on the level of the structure, which can be increased by upgrading the structure at a cost of Industrial Resource. Each structure has durability and storage, which are specified as a certain amount of Industrial Resource. Any structure can be demolished if necessary.

What types of structures are available? What bonuses do they provide?

The following ten structures are available in the current update:

  • Financial Unit—Battle Payments (additional credits).
  • Tankodrome—Tactical Training (additional Combat Experience).
  • Military School—Military Maneuvers (additional Free Experience).
  • Training Unit—Additional Briefing (additional crew experience).
  • Transportation Unit—High-Capacity Transport (additional Industrial Resource earned in Skirmishes).
  • Quartermaster Unit—Evacuation (decreases the amount of enemy plunder after an unsuccessful defense of your Stronghold).
  • Trophy Brigade—Requisition (increases the plunder earned after a successful attack on Stronghold of another clan).
  • War Department—Special Instructions (various rewards for completing special missions).
  • Attack Bomber Squadrons—Airstrike (provides a ground attack plane that can conduct an airstrike during a battle for Stronghold).
  • Artillery Battalion—Artillery Strike (enables an artillery strike at the specified coordinates during a battle for Stronghold).

How do I build a structure?

The clan Commander or Executive Officer chooses the construction site and the type of structure to build. If all requirements are met, the foundation of the new structure appears on the construction site. You then need to transport Industrial Resource to the construction site from storages of other structures. Alternatively, you can earn Industrial Resource in Skirmishes or Battles for Stronghold.

Can the level of my Stronghold be decreased if my clan no longer wishes to engage in battles for Stronghold?

Yes, it can. But remember, in such a case, all structures will be downgraded to level IV.

Industrial Resource

What is Industrial Resource?

Industrial Resource is a special currency used in Strongholds mode. It is spent to build and upgrade any structure or prepare any Reserve. Industrial Resource can be earned in Skirmishes or Battles for Stronghold.

How do I earn Industrial Resource? 

Each clan member is attached to one of the structures, comprising its garrison. When the Stronghold is created, all players are assigned to the Command Center by default. However, each player can choose another structure within the Stronghold and attach to it.

Strongholds mode involves two types of battles:

After every battle, players are awarded a certain amount of Industrial Resource. This amount depends on the base experience earned by a player in the battle. This Industrial Resource is accumulated in the structure to which this player is attached. Thus, the better clan members fight in offensive and defensive battles, the faster the Stronghold develops.

Why should I transport Industrial Resource?

Industrial Resource can be transported from one structure, including the Command Center, to any other structure within your Stronghold. Transportation of Industrial Resource makes it easier to build structures, upgrade them, and prepare Reserves. Transportation is a lengthy process, performed in stages. That is, Industrial Resource is transported in batches. The amount of Industrial Resource in each batch depends on the level of the Command Center.


What are Reserves? How do they work?

Reserves are bonuses that are prepared in structures and, once used, last for a certain period of time. All Reserves are divided into two types:

  • Combat Reserves, such as Artillery Strike, Airstrike, and others. 
  • Non-Combat Reserves, such as bonuses to experience or credits earned, are already available in Strongholds mode.

Reserves are kept in the structures where they were prepared.

The following Non-Combat Reserves are available:

  • Special Instructions—gives a combat mission and gives a random reward on each activation. Prepared in War Department.
  • Battle Payments—additional credits earned in all types of battles. Prepared in the Financial Unit.
  • Tactical Training—additional Combat Experience earned in all types of battles. Prepared in the Tankodrome.
  • Military Maneuvers—additional Free Experience earned in all types of battles. Prepared in the Military School.
  • Additional Briefing—additional crew experience earned in all types of battles. Prepared in the Training Unit.
  • High-Capacity Transport—additional Industrial Resource earned in Skirmishes. Prepared in the Transportation Unit.
  • Evacuation—decreases the amount of enemy plunder after an unsuccessful defense of your Stronghold. Prepared in the Quartermaster Unit.
  • Requisition—increases the plunder earned after a successful attack on the Stronghold of another clan. Prepared in the Trophy Brigade.

The following Combat Reserves are available:

  • Airstrike—air-to-ground attack during a battle for Stronghold. Prepared in the Attack Bomber Squadrons.
  • Artillery Strike—artillery attack of the selected area during a battle for Stronghold. Prepared in the Artillery Battalion.

All Reserves have levels from I through X. The level of any Reserve is determined by the level of the structure where it is prepared. Thus, to increase the level of a Reserve, upgrade the relevant structure. Changing the level of a Reserve affects its bonus rate or combat characteristics, preparation time and cost.

Do Evacuation and Requisition affect one another? Can they be used independently from other Reserves?

These Reserves do affect one another. If opposing clans use these Reserves of the same level, the Reserve effects cancel each other out. Requisition and Evacuation are used independently from other Reserves. Their effects are not time-limited but cover the first Battle for Stronghold after their activation.

To use the Evacuation and Requisition Reserves for the next Battle for Stronghold, activate them no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the battle. If you activate the Reserves later, they will affect the battle after instead.


How do I prepare a Reserve?

The general concept of preparing a Reserve is as follows:

  1. Clan members earn Industrial Resource in Skirmishes and Battles for Stronghold.
  2. This Industrial Resource is used to build the structure, where a particular Reserve will be prepared.
  3. To prepare a Reserve, a certain amount of Industrial Resource must be spent. Reserve preparation takes some time.
  4. Once the Reserve is prepared, it is kept in the same structure. 
  5. To obtain the effect of the Non-Combat Reserve, it must be activated. Only the Commander and Executive Officer can activate the Reserve. Once activated, the Non-Combat Reserve lasts for a certain period of time. For the duration of the Reserve, all clan members receive the appropriate bonus (additional experience, credits, etc.). The bonus from a type of Reserve increases with the level of the structure where this Reserve is prepared.

    To use a Combat Reserve, take it to a clash. Only the battle room commander can take and use Combat Reserves.

Can I use all Reserves simultaneously?

No, you can use only one Non-Combat Reserve at a time. Exceptions are Requisition, Evacuation, and Special Instructions. These Reserves can be used simultaneously with other Reserves.

If a structure is damaged, can I prepare Reserves in it or use Reserves that are already in the structure storage?

No, you must restore the durability of the structure first.

Do bonuses from Reserves stack with bonuses from Premium account and events?

Yes, they do stack.

How do Special Instructions work?

Upon activation of Special Instructions, all clan members obtain a special mission. The mission should be completed while the Reserve is in effect—within two hours. If the mission is completed, clan members receive the reward. The type and value of the reward depend on the level of War Department.

What missions can I obtain upon activation of Special Instructions? Vehicles of which tiers can I use to complete these missions?

A mission is selected randomly and is the same for all clan members. Only vehicles of Tier VIII and above can be used to complete such missions. 

Every clan member who completes the mission receives an award.

The following missions are available:

  • Destroy two enemy vehicles in three battles in a row.
  • Place in the top two players by experience earned in two battles in a row.
  • Help your allies deal at least 4,000 HP of damage and survive the battle.
  • Deal at least 4,000 HP of damage and have at least 2,000 HP of damage blocked by armor in a battle, or deal at least 2,000 HP of damage and have at least 4,000 HP of damage blocked by armor in a battle.
  • Spot at least six enemy vehicles in a battle and help your allies deal at least 1,500 HP of damage.
  • Deal at least 4,000 HP of damage and fire at least 10 damaging shots in a battle.
  • Deal 3,000 HP of damage in a battle from a distance of over 300 meters.
  • Earn 150 base capture points. Only battles in which you survive and win are counted.
  • Receive “I Class” or “Ace Tanker” mastery badges in two battles.
  • Playing in a Platoon, damage at least 10 enemy vehicles together with your Platoon members. Deal at least 1,500 HP of damage yourself.
  • Destroy at least five enemy vehicles in a battle.
  • Deal at least 4,000 HP of damage, survive, and win the battle. Complete the mission three times.
  • Receive at least 10 hits and block at least 4,000 HP of damage by your armor.
  • Deal damage to at least eight enemy vehicles and win the battle.
  • While playing in a Platoon, destroy at least eight enemy vehicles together with your Platoon members in a battle.
  • Place in the top three players by the amount of damage dealt. Complete the mission five times.
  • Driving a vehicle of at least Tier VIII, destroy seven enemy vehicles of Tier X over the course of seven battles.
  • As a Platoon, deal at least 10,000 HP of damage and win the battle.

What rewards can I get for completing missions obtained upon activation of Special Instructions? 

The reward is selected randomly. The list of rewards is presented in the table below. You can get only one reward. For example, War Department of Level V allows you to get crew experience, Combat Experience, or credits.

You will see the reward upon activation of the Special Instructions.

Rewards by War Department level:

  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Level III
  • Level IV
  • Level V
  • Level VI
  • Level VII
  • Level VIII
  • Level IX
  • Level X
Level I
crew xp
premium consumables
combat xp
credits 20,000
premium account
Level II
crew xp
premium consumables
combat xp
credits 30,000
premium account
Level III
crew xp 3,000
premium consumables
combat xp
credits 40,000
premium account
Level IV
crew xp 4,000
premium consumables
combat xp
credits 50,000
premium account
Level V
crew xp 5,000  
premium consumables
combat xp 5,000 
credits 75,000
premium account
Level VI
crew xp 6,500 
premium consumables 2 х 
combat xp 6,500 
credits  100,000 
premium account
Level VII
crew xp 8,000 
premium consumables 4 х 
combat xp 8,000 
credits  200,000 
premium account
Level VIII
crew xp 10,000 
premium consumables 6 х 
combat xp 10,000 
credits  300,000 
premium account 1 day
Level IX
crew xp 12,000 
premium consumables 8 х 
combat xp 12,000 
credits  450,000 
premium account 3 days
Level X
crew xp 15,000 
premium consumables 10 х 
combat xp 15,000 
credits  600,000 
premium account 7 days
gold 1,000 


What is a Skirmish?

A Skirmish is a standard battle between two detachments of different clans. A Skirmish is fought according to the regular rules for Tank Company Battles. Detachments are matched randomly from all detachments currently queued to engage in a Skirmish. Any player can create a detachment to engage in a Skirmish. However, before the battle can start, the division must be selected. The division affects the maximum tier of vehicles available in the Skirmish and the number of combatants. 

The following divisions are available: 

  • Medium division (Tier I-VI vehicles). Battles in 7x7 format. No restrictions on point value or vehicle type. The minimum number of players in detachment is 6.
  • Champion division (Tier I-VIII vehicles). Battles in 10x10 format. No restrictions on point value or vehicle type. The minimum number of players in detachment is 8.
  • Absolute division (Tier I-X vehicles). Battles in 15x15 format. No restrictions on point value or vehicle type. The minimum number of players in detachment is 12.

Amount of Industrial Resource earned by each player and by the whole detachment is counted after the battle.

How is Industrial Resource earned and distributed?

The base amount of Industrial Resource earned in a Skirmish depends on the division selected.

  • Medium division: 100 Industrial Resource.
  • Champion division: 150 Industrial Resource.
  • Absolute division: 400 Industrial Resource.

That amount of Industrial Resource is distributed between the winner and the loser proportionately to the Base Experience earned in the Skirmish. Thus, the winner will get more Industrial Resource than the loser.

For example, let’s take Champion division, where the base amount of Industrial Resource is 150.

Two detachments face each other in a Skirmish. One of the detachments wins the fight.

Assume that the winning detachment earned the total of 10,000 Base Experience. The defeated detachment earned 5,000 Base Experience. Accordingly, the two detachments earned 15,000 Base Experience in total (the numbers are hypothetical). As the result, 150 units of Industrial Resource are divided between the two detachments as follows: the winning detachment gets 2/3 (100 Industrial Resource), the defeated detachment gets 1/3 (50 Industrial Resource).

Can detachments from the same clan get into one Skirmish?

No, this is not possible.

Who are legionnaires?

Legionnaires are players who are not members of your clan, but can be invited to your detachment to engage in a Skirmish. A detachment cannot have more than five legionnaires. Half of Industrial Resource earned by legionnaires in a Skirmish goes to the clan member with the best battle statistics and is accumulated in the storage of the structure to which the player is attached. The other half of Industrial Resource disappears.

What is the purpose of using Combat Reserves in Skirmishes of Absolute division?

The use of Combat Reserves in Skirmishes of Absolute division gives clans with Strongholds of Level I–IV the opportunity to test Reserve mechanics and develop tactics of their usage.

Why does a Combat Reserve of Level I cost only five units of Industrial Resource, but Reserves of higher levels are much more expensive?

The cost of Combat Reserves of Level I is deliberately set low so that clans can freely deploy Reserves in a battle and master their use. However, Combat Reserves of Level I cause relatively light damage to enemy vehicles and are mostly for demonstration purposes.

How do I use Combat Reserves in Skirmishes of Absolute division?

To use a Combat Reserve in a Skirmish of Absolute division, select the necessary Reserve. Only the battle room Commander can select Combat Reserves. The selection of a Combat Reserve for a Skirmish is similar to the selection of a Combat Reserve for a battle for Stronghold (see Combat Reserve Selection).

Defense Settings and Battle Schedule

When can my clan fight in Battles for Stronghold?

To fight in battles for Stronghold, first of all, upgrade the Command Center to Level V. Then, set up the defense of your Stronghold. As soon as the Defense Period is activated by clan Commander, Battles for Stronghold become available for your clan.

What are the Defense period and Ceasefire? Why should I select a server?

Defense Period is a period when your Stronghold can be attacked by other clans. 

Ceasefire is one day of the week, when other clans cannot attack your Stronghold.

All battles for your Stronghold take place on the selected server.

Why should I set the Defense Period? If I do not do that, my Stronghold cannot be attacked.

It is necessary to set the Defense Period to upgrade structures above Level IV. The only exception is the Command Center, which can be upgraded to Level V without setting the Defense Period. If you want to upgrade your Stronghold beyond Level IV and improve the efficiency of your Reserves, the Defense Period must be set. 

Can I plan attacks of Strongholds of other clans in advance?

In the Intelligence Data window, you can browse all clans with Strongholds, select a clan with suitable Defense Period and schedule the date of attack on its Stronghold. Attacks can be planned for the next two weeks.

How many times a day can our clan attack Strongholds of other clans and defend our own Stronghold?

The number of attacks is equal to the number of Zones your clan has opened within the Stronghold. For example, if you have three opened Zones, you can plan three different attacks against three different clans every day. If you have only one opened Zone, you can only plan one attack against one clan.

Your clan should defend the Stronghold once a day.

When does a new day start and when can I plan attacks against other clans?

A new day starts at 3 a.m. Moscow time (UTC+3).

Is it possible to attack the same Stronghold every day?

No. After attack on another clan, you will only be able to attack this clan again in a week.

Course of Battle for Stronghold

Vehicles of which tiers are allowed to participate in Battles for Stronghold?

Vehicles up to and including Tier X can take part in Battles for Stronghold.

Which maps are used in Battles for Stronghold?

A map is assigned to each structure of Level V and above. The map is randomly selected from all the maps available in the game and changes every two weeks. The name of the map assigned to the structure is displayed in the left top corner of the structure details window. It is impossible to learn the map assigned to a structure of the opposing clan before the Battle for Stronghold starts.

Does the defending clan take base number one, as it is on the Global Map?

No. The base is selected at random.

What are the main rules of Battles for Strongholds?

The main rules of Battles for Strongholds are as follows:

  • A clan chooses from which Stronghold Zone it attacks the enemy’s Stronghold Zone.
  • During a Battle for Stronghold, the Zone of the attacking clan and the Zone of the defending clan are converged.
  • You can join the detachment for the Battle for Stronghold 15 minutes before its start. Creating a detachment for a Battle for Stronghold is similar to the way it is done for Skirmishes. As soon as players in both detachments confirm their readiness to fight, the first clash of the battle starts. The maximum interval between clashes is five minutes. If a player fails to confirm their readiness within five minutes, the clash begins without them.
  • The first clash is for the defending clan’s structure furthest from their Command Center in this Zone.
  • Detachments do not clash over construction sites and structures of Level IV or below. The attacking clan moves on to the next structure.
  • In the course of one Battle for Stronghold, clans can clash over one structure several times. If a clan loses the first clash for a structure and then wins the clash for the next structure, they can retake the previously lost structure.
  • If a clash results in a draw, the defending clan retains their structure.
  • If the defending clan wins the clash, or the clash ends in a draw, the next clash is fought for the nearest structure of the attacking clan in the Zone convergence plan (see Attack and Counter-Attack). If the attacking clan wins the clash, the next clash is fought for the nearest structure of the defending clan.
  • If a clan wins a clash for a structure of another clan, this clan temporarily captures the structure. If another clash is fought for this structure in the course of the Battle for Stronghold, the structure is considered property of the clan who captured it. Thus, the defending clan retains the structure, if the clash ends in a draw.

How long does a Battle for Stronghold last?

A Battle for Stronghold ends if a Command Center is captured or within one hour after the Defense Period starts. If neither clan reaches the Command Center of their opponent within one hour, the Battle for Stronghold ends in a draw. Industrial Resource is allocated after the Defense Period ends. Clans get Industrial Resource for every captured structure of the opponent.

Can my opponent destroy structures of my Stronghold or downgrade them?

Other clans cannot downgrade your structures. If another clan captures one of your structures, and you are unable to retake it till the end of the Battle for Stronghold, this structure is pillaged. When a structure is pillaged, the winning clan takes 20% of the maximum durability of the structure at its current level away from the structure. Industrial Resource is taken from structure storage. If the amount of Industrial Resource in the storage is insufficient, the deficit is taken from structure durability. If structure durability decreases below 20%, no further clashes are fought over this structure. 

How much Industrial Resource does my clan get when we pillage a structure?

Your clan gets an amount of Industrial Resource equal to 20% of maximum durability of the pillaged structure. If you successfully attack a built-up Zone, you get Industrial Resource equal to 20% of maximum durability of each structure in that Zone and the Command Center.

What happens when my Command Center is damaged?

When your Command Center is damaged, your clan is unable to build and upgrade structures or prepare and use Reserves. However, Reserves that have already been activated remain in effect.

If your Command Center is damaged and its durability is less than 20%, your clan cannot fight in Battles for Stronghold until the durability of your Command Center is restored.

Can my clan attack other clans during our Defense Period?

No, it is impossible to attack other clans during your Defense Period. Additionally, you cannot build, upgrade, or demolish structures within this period of time.

Are fights in Strongholds mode included in overall statistics or presented separately?

Statistics for Strongholds mode are presented separately in the Statistics tab (as for Team Battles).