Benefits of Game Gold

World of Tanks is a free online MMO shooter. You can download the game client and become part of large-scale tank battles, just half a minute after starting the game. A player will fight legendary vehicles of WWII and test tank prototypes that never left the drawing board.

Tenacity and good combat skills will allow you to upgrade vehicles of any type and level, without spending a dime. However, small financial investments called "microtransactions" can give you an excellent opportunity to make your gaming experience not only fun but also more comfortable. When you pay real money you can get a special in-game currency - Gold, which makes leveling up your vehicles quicker and easier.

So what can you get for Gold?

Premium Account

The most important thing that Gold is used for is to upgrade your account to the premium level.  This grants a number of benefits but the most important one is that it allows a player to research vehicles quicker and buy them sooner. It gives you significantly more credits and experience per battle. This means the profit you receive after paying for repairs and ammo increases two or threefold, depending on your performance in battle (amount of damage, destroyed tanks, base captured/defended, etc). You can buy Premium Account for one day, for three days, for a week, for a month, for half-a-year and a year. This option provides the following bonuses:

  • 50% more experience per battle
  • 50% more crew experience per battle
  • 50% more credits earned in a battle
  • a cleaner and nicer-looking garage

Conversion of Gold to Game Credits

Sometimes players do not have enough credits to buy tanks and modules. One way of getting more credits is to participate in more battles and earn more credits. The second way is to convert Gold into credits which can then be used to purchase your tanks or equipment much more quickly!


Experience Conversion

Once a vehicle has been fully researched, it is granted the Elite status. However, once your vehicle is Elite it will still keep accumulating experience in battle, experience which can no longer be used as there is nothing left on your vehicle to research! However, you can use Gold to convert this experience into free experience which you can then put towards upgrading any other tank!


Premium Tanks

Premium tanks are special tanks which are not included in any of the Tank Trees and can only be purchased for in-game Gold. These vehicles cannot be modified and they do not have  heavy guns or impenetrable armour but they are a good way to make profit. With good tactics, they can help you earn large amounts of credits and experience, the latter of which then can be converted into free experience with the help of Gold. 

Crew Training

Tanks can be bought with or without a crew. If you buy your tank with a crew, you can choose between three crew training options: Rapid Courses (training level at 50%) for free or Regimental School (training level at 75%) which costs credits.   Alternatively you can choose the Tank Academy option using Gold.  This option means your crew will begin with 100% training and will be at its most effective.


Additional Slots in Garage

A standard garage has enough slots for you to keep five vehicles at any one time . But what can you do when all  your slots are occupied and you want to add a new tank?  Well, you could see off one of your treasured vehicles to create space.  Alternatively you can use Gold to buy more slots and move your brand-new steel monster in!


Premium Shells

Premium ammo is more effective than regular ammo due to higher penetration values. Premium shells can damage vehicles where regular ammo may bounce or ricochet. You can purchase premium shells with Gold.


Premium Consumables

Consumables are single-use items which can be used during the battle to provide a bonus for a one-time event or for a single match.  Amongst other things they can increase tank performance and heal crew members. World of Tanks offers two forms of Consumables: regular consumables which are purchased with credits and Premium consumables which are purchased with Gold. The Premium Consumables multiply the power of the vehicle making it more successful and effective during the battle.

Crew Re-training

Each crew member is trained specifically for a certain vehicle. If you wish to assign him to another tank, you will have to re-train the tanker. Click on the Training tab in the tanker's Personal Data to choose the required re-training courses. The Regimental School and Rapid Courses will re-train the crew member to fit the new vehicle but with the loss of some skills and qualification level.  To avoid these losses, you can instead choose the Tank Academy courses.  This means that the tanker is re-trained for the new vehicle and will keep all of his earned experience.

Enlarging Barracks

A player can use Gold to enlarge their  barracks, providing more space for additional crew members. Make your crew 100% effective and smash the enemy on the battlefields of World of Tanks!

Demount Equipment

Equipment are one-time cost additions with each having it's own advantage, but they come at a high cost. Permanent Equipment has an in-game padlock icon and can be de-mounted for 10 Gold everytime you need to demount it without the need to destroy it.

Renaming Crew Members

When hiring crew, you may want to change their names or looks.  By spending some Gold you can pick their names and appearances. To do so, open the crew member's Personal  File, click on Personal Data and change the name or portrait.


Creating a Clan

Clan Wars are already in full swing. Many clans are fighting for provinces on the global map. By spending some Gold, you have the opportunity to create your own clan and start conquering the world! But creating and managing a clan requires an initial investment of Gold which can be divided amongst the clan members.

To create a clan, you need to visit the World of Tanks website.  Create your clan here.

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