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PlaySpan is a secure, reliable and convenient service that lets you make payments for online services and products.  They are widely used by gamers across the world and have many reviews which confirm them to be a secure and reliable service provider. They support multiple payment methods which are described below.:

Credit cards.

Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express can be used to make direct transactions and in-game purchases. Playspan has numerous partners which means that nearly all credit cards known across the world can be accepted!

PlaySpan has a number of features that ensure the security of your purchases and make future purchases easier.

First of all, you have the choice of whether to save your credit card information for future purchases. This can be set within the pop-up PlaySpan window. To save your information, simply check the box for “Save credit card info for future purchases”. To prevent your information from being saved, just make sure the option is unchecked.

Once you have created a PlaySpan account you have the option to make a single payment to charge your account with Ultimate Points. If you choose this option, buying Gold in the future becomes quick and easy as the PlaySpan window for Gold purchases will now display your current balance of Ultimate Points. You can use these points to make any PlaySpan purchases, including World of Tanks Gold.

Ultimate Game Card

The Ultimate Game Card is a digital alternative to real money. Any user can obtain a card and use it for games supported by the system. There is a drawback to this method though as once used for the first time, the card can then only be used for purchases within that game. If you want to make purchases for a different game, you will need to get another card.


Paysafecard is Europe's first prepaid card for shopping on the internet. It allows everybody to pay for goods and services online and is available in many European countries.

Direct Debit.

Direct Debit is a means of taking payments directly from your bank account. Setting up a Direct Debit involves providing your bank account number and the name of the bank. Whilst easy and secure, especially if you want to make regular payments, it can take time to set up (up to 18 days).


eCheck is an Internet equivalent of a check payment system. Using this method the user is very simple and is available to everyone however, like real checks, processing it can take time (up to 8 days) due to security checks.


Moneybookers is a British company and is one of PlaySpan’s partners. Moneybookers are a proven service and are a very popular method for making online payments in Europe.


PayPal is one of the most commonly used payment services in the world because it does not pass on details of your card numbers or bank account to the vendor. It supports all major credit card types, or can be used to make payments directly from your bank account.

Western Union QuickPay

Western Union QuickPay is a popular method of making direct payments to other countries. It can also be used for making online payments.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a special type of pre-paid card. Usually when using them for internet services, you need to register first.

Payments can also be made via post (using real money). Depending on the method of payment any transaction may take up to 10 days. However, in most cases, the transactions are immediate.

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