Fan Pages

Here you can find a list of fan websites that are devoted to World of Tanks.

Dear fansite administrators,

If you want your website to be included on the list of official World of Tanks fansites, please make sure you have read the EULA, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of World of Tanks.  All officially recognised fansites must comply with these policies.

List of Fansites 
Planet WoT TankoBot Highscores from IRC.
JeuxOnline A French Fan Site
Important Requirements for World of Tanks Fansites:

1. General Requirements

  • The advertising of game projects that are not related to must be approved by a Administrator
  • The website should prominently display the World of Tanks Technical Support banner.
  • The website should contain the banner linked to the World of Tanks official website.

2. Content

  • All content that is published on the fan source must be pre-moderated before publication.
  • All forms of Nazi, terrorist and extremist content is strictly prohibited (including screensavers, wallpapers and textures with SS markings and recognition badges of SS tank divisions).
  • If a piece of news is copied across from the official website, it must contain a link to the original article.

3. Security

  • Any mention of restricted programs, including descriptions and methods of downloading such programs are strictly prohibited. These programs include bot-programs, clickers, viruses, trojans and fishing programs.
  • Any links to downloadable content must be permanent and cannot point to referral websites.
  • If your website requires users to register an account, then the registration rules must require the selection of a username and password that are different from those used on the World of Tanks website and game.

4. Possible Web Source Activities

  • A community site for players to chat and discuss the game.
  • A web source containing information about the World of Tanks game and military vehicles.
  • A site containing extra game content (excluding prohibited content described in Section 3).
  • A website for World of Tanks dedicated blogs.
  • A site for online streaming of game information and results.