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The current version is 9.3, and you can read the full release notes on the dedicated page.

If you want more information on future changes that are currently being worked on by our developers, don't hesitate to have a look at our series 'Developers Diaries'.


Changes in Version 9.4 Common Test 1 vs. Version 9.3



  • Format of Team Battles changed (7/54 instead of 7/42, conditions of victory changed).
  • Major improvements and changes added to the Strongholds mode.
  • Some issues with the visual models fixed for the following vehicles: SU-100, IS-7, JagdPanther, M24 Chaffee, Т37, LTTB, Ru 251.
  • Issues with the damage models fixed for the following vehicles: M24 Chaffee, KV-85.
  • Incorrect designation of the Т67 tank destroyer turrets fixed.
  • Parameters of the Т-34-3 tank changed: reload time reduced from 14.4 to 13.4 s, dispersion on turret traverse reduced by 25%.
  • Parameters of the AT 15A tank destroyer changed: durability increased from 850 to 1,050 points, maximum battle tier lowered to VIII.
  • Concealment coefficients of the Т-54 lightweight vehicle fixed.
  • The following maps were corrected and improved: Komarin, Malinovka, Airfield, Arctic Region.
  • Performance on the Windstorm map improved.
  • The effect of artillery preparation during the countdown before the battle starts added for some maps.
  • Discrepancies between the visual and damage models for some environmental objects fixed.
  • Issues with vehicles being launched into the air when crossing some environmental objects fixed.
  • Decrease in performance when displaying some vehicles in HD quality fixed.
  • Performance of shadow rendering and the quality of rendered shadows improved.
  • Performance of frame rendering on most configurations slightly improved.
  • Performance of some elements of the battle interface optimized.
  • Option to turn the triple buffering off/on is now available again in the Graphics settings menu.
  • Issue with graphical artifacts appearing upon screen resolution change fixed.
  • Some hang-ups and crashes of the game client fixed.
  • Sounds of gunfire fully reworked.
  • Sounds of vehicle destruction by ramming improved.
  • Sounds of destruction of highly explosive objects improved.
  • Interruption in the playback of engine sounds when many vehicles stand close together fixed.
  • Conditions of damage caused by a torn-off turret changed.
  • Incorrect damage calculation of ramming when the damage was caused not to the vehicle’s side but to the armour on the lower glacis (brushing side by side with the KV-5, etc).
  • List of surnames of crew members expanded.
  • Historical Battle option removed from the Battle Modes menu.
  • Some effects of shells hitting various surfaces reworked.
  • Some issues with interface and gameplay in the Strongholds mode fixed.
  • Misses for some series awards are now properly counted.
  • Disproportion between the size of the markers and the minimap when zooming in fixed.
  • Issue with the Platoon channel becoming blocked when creating a Platoon fixed.
  • Issue with the Penalty for Desertion screen appearing when exiting the replay mode fixed.
  • Issues with the text chat functionality in Tank Companies fixed.
  • Freeze-up of the Tank Company search window when creating a Platoon fixed.
  • Hang-up of the game client at the “Updating crew…” stage when returning to the Garage fixed.
  • Display of the icon of the fifth crew member skill fixed.
  • Condition for receiving the Ranger award fixed.
  • Issues with the server field resetting upon unsuccessful login attempt with “Auto” option selected (for example, if incorrect password is entered).
  • Some issues with the playback of battle replays fixed.
  • Display of the clan icon in the Garage on screen resolutions greater than 1280 pixels horizontally fixed.
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