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  • Upgrade clan property
  • Struggle for resources
  • Receive bonuses after every battle

Global Map

  • Capture territories
  • Fight for world supremacy
  • Get in-game gold and unique vehicles

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Best Clans

Clan Ratings
Clan Ratings
Battles per Day
Battles per Day  
Average victories/battles ratio
Global Map Rating  

Average number of battles per day per player in all modes

Clan average Elo rating on the Global Map

  1. 14,721 [FEED] GIVEME, FEED me moaarrr

    GIVEME, FEED me moaarrr

  2. 14,622 [OMNI] Odem Mortis International

    Odem Mortis International

  3. 14,617 [WHYOU] HATE ME


  4. 14,440 [NOXUS] Nox Noctis Est Nostri

    Nox Noctis Est Nostri

  5. 14,416 [TWB-L] The Wild Bunch- Lucky Few

    The Wild Bunch- Lucky Few

  1. 26.23 [L-CRW] LUCKY_CREW


  2. 25.19 [TDSTR] Tank Destroyer Forces

    Tank Destroyer Forces

  3. 25.15 [D_B_C] Dark Balkan Crew

    Dark Balkan Crew

  4. 24.69 [SALI] Sa_Li & Instruktori Inc.

    Sa_Li & Instruktori Inc.

  5. 24.55 [CBYC] S' Verom u Srbiju

    S' Verom u Srbiju

  1. 1,934 [FAME] Deal with it!

    Deal with it!

  2. 1,838 [RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit


  3. 1,831 [OMNI] Odem Mortis International

    Odem Mortis International

  4. 1,792 [-SED-] Suicide Elite Division

    Suicide Elite Division

  5. 1,765 [SANTI] Semper anticus

    Semper anticus