[RDDT3] Reddit: Meatshield Brigade

Get schooled in the brand new Reddit School of Tankology!

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RDDT3 is a Tank Academy clan which will help you improve your gameplay, whether you are doing it for yourself, or to join the CW clan, RDDT

We offer:
Classes on basic mechanics of the game.
Specialty classes on different tank types, tactics and maps.
Team battles and tactical training.
Instructors to platoon with who will help you see your weaknesses and improve.
A forum with training materials, a place to analyse your stats and ask questions about the game.

We require:
A microphone and TS presence on at least one organized class per month.
At least one tier 6 tank.
Autonomy and engagement in the learning process: you suggest classes and seek to improve.

Too keep inactive players to a minimum, we will free your spot after one month of inactivity (yes you can return).
When applying, include your Reddit username, as this is a clan for the Reddit community.
Remember to join the RDDT channel in-game!

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