[PTS] Pirates

Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I’m a pirate, after all.

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This is the legend. We are Pirates.
We are once again looking for exceptional and highly skilled players to join our ranks.
Active high skilled players as well with ex-PTS players are highly welcome.

PTS is English speaking clan for 18+ years old people who like to play not for fun but to win and win only. After all being victorious is the most fun in video games.

For Recruitment info contact:

Requirements to be considered taken to testing:
¤ +56 win %
¤ Overall 2300wn8 & +2600wn8 recent 1000 battles
¤ Atleast 4 Tier X CW-tanks with impressive avg/dmg
¤ High CW / stronghold intrest
¤ Proper English language
¤ Mentally tough and social

Military Personnel (100) Data as of

# User Name Position Joined